(CDL-10DE/S-STD) 10" Doulton England Ceramic Candle Filter (Short Head)

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Code: CDL-10DE/L-SC
10” DoultonSupercarb Candles (Made In England)

The DoultonSupercarb is a three stage cartridge combining the highly efficient properties of ceramic with the enhanced water treatment properties of activated carbon. 

First Stage:  The first stage consists of DoultonSupercarb ceramic which is manufactured to provide genuine sub micron filtration. The cartridge reduces fine particulate matter, bacteria, cysts and turbidity.
Second Stage: The incorporation of silver locked within the ceramic structure inhibits the growth of bacteria and gives enhanced bacteriostatic and self sterilizing properties. 
Third Stage:  An inner core of activated carbon block which removes chlorine, VOC's and industrial solvents.
The Supercarb element is capable of producing approximately 1,000 gallons highest quality drinking water - good for about nine months to a year for most families. Actual usage depends on the amounts and kinds of impurities in tap water. Cartridge replacement is as simple as changing a light bulb. It can be change or clean the cartridge with no fear of contamination.
  • Original product
  • Natural properties
  • Works quick
Packages Includes:
1 x 10" DoultonSupercarb Water Filter Ceramic Candle
Delivery: 3-5 days
Measurement: 29.3 (L) x 5.5 (W) x 5.5 (H) cm
Weight: 450gm

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