(CDL-10BP-STD1) 10" British Portacel Ceramic Filter (Short Head)

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Code: CDL-10US-SC 
Candle USA Ceramic Water Filter

This ceramic candle filter is a special designed ceramic water filter which consists of 2 layers filtration with its specialty functions at each layer.

  • Able to filter particles and muds that’s greater than 0.5 micron. It is able to filter the sludge, rust, and dust almost reach to 99.99%.
  • Chlorine, muds, rusts, odour, colourings, taste & odour, and synthetic chemicals in the water.
  • Prevent growth of bacteria in the water.
  • Providing clean drinking water for your family.
  • Can be clean several times before exchanged to a new one.

  • ISO 9001
  • Certified NSF components
  • The ability of filtration is extremely good---0.9 microns are larger than 99.99% ; 0.5 microns are larger than 90%.
  • Longer life span-be able to repeat scrubbing the filter.
  • Effectively divide Cystosporidium ~ 100%.
  • Effectively divide Giardia Lambia ~ 100%.
  • Prevention of bacteria's further growth

Packages Includes
1 x Candle USA Ceramic Water  Filter
1 x Care Instruction
Product Measurement: 5(L) x 5(W) x 25.5(H)-SG, 5(L) X 5(W) X 26 (H)-LG
Weight: 0.50kg

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