(CDL-10OBE) 10" OBE Ceramic Filter

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OBE Filter
Code: CDL-10OBE

MF 10”OBE Ceramic Filter is a specially designed ceramic filter with superb water filtration with 0.2~0.5 micron hole diameter can efficiently filter out any matter with the diameter lager than its hole diameter including bacteria, silt, suspension in water, cystobacter, pathogen, and virus.

1. The ability of filtration is extremely good---0.9 microns are larger than 99.99% ; 0.5 microns are larger than 90%.
2. Long life-be able to repeat scrubbing the filter.
3. Effectively divide Cystosporidium ~ 100%.
4. Effectively divide Giardia Lambia ~ 100%.
5. Prevention of bacteria's further growth.

1. Outside lamella: 1000 heat degrees burn to make and be able to filter the sludge, rust, and dust almost reach to 99.99%.
2. Inside lamella: Be able to fill high density carbon stick and divide free chlorine, stinking smell, heavy metal, harmful and chemical composition in the water. Outside and Inside lamella thickness is almost 2 cm(3/4")
Suitable use for : Outdoor housing filter / Single Filter / Double Filter

  • User-friendly
  • Easy to Install & Remove
  • Low maintenance costs for clean water
  • Durable Quality
  • Suitable for most of Housing Filters
  • Fast shipping
Packages Includes
1 x 10” OBE Ceramic Filter
1 x Care Instruction
Product Measurement: 5(L) X 5.2 (W) X 25 (H) , ID-2.5cm, ceramic body-5cm
Packing measurement: 5.5(L) x 5.5(W) x 29.5(H)                          
Weight: 0.30kg

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