(MFIC-1044SS) 1044 Stainless Steel Tank Filter

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MF 4FT S/Steel Outdoor Filter
Code: MFIC-1044SS

Benefits of using MF 4FT S/Steel Outdoor Filter
  • It efficiently solved the problems of untreated water supply.  We utilize a perfect combination of high quality filtering media in order to produce high quality water.
  • Produces quality water that meets international standards.
  • Produce water that meets the safety for clean and pollution-free water.
  • Prolong the effective service life for secondary water filters thus reducing maintenance costs.
  • User-friendly, economical, and low maintance costs.
Coarse Gravel
-Underbed to support to balance the PH and increase oxygen content and restoration of water quality.

Medium Gravel
-Removes dirts and prevent diseases such as typhoid,cholera, amaeba , and others.

Graded Fine Gravel
-Furthur trapping of every fine sediment at the surface of Graded Fine Gravel.

Almandite Media (Australia)
Most ideal use for filtration media. Effective in remove particles, sediment, muds, and suspended solid in the water.

Graded Quality Activated Media
-While trapping the sediments, being the primary function of the Graded Activated Carbon, it also promoting bacteria-satic benefit to the water in the water tank.Providing safe and clean water for your usage.
Suitable for : Whole House Filtration, Restaurant, Light Foods & Beverages Industries, School, Hospital, and others.

Remarks: We will contact you for installation appointment once order confirmed. (Special Offer & Applicable to KL &Klang Valley Area)

  • Applicable only within Peninsular Malaysia.
  • User-friendly
  • Easy to Install
  • Low maintenance costs for clean water
  • Durable Quality
  • Suitable for most of whole house filtration
  • Fast shipping
Packages Includes:
1 x MF 4Ft S/Steel Outdoor Filter
1 x FREE Normal Installation with PVC piping(within 10ft from meter) for KL &Klang Valley area.

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