NRG Life Straw (USA)

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NRG Aqua Filter Drinking Straw(Made In USA) personal life water filter, designed to provide safe and clean drinking water in any situation. The lightweight filter is ideal for hiking and camping, travel, emergency preparedness and survival. It makes contaminated or suspect water safe to drink.
·         Removes up to 99.99999 percent of waterborne bacteria
·         Removes up to 99.9 percent of waterborne protozoan cysts
·         Reduces turbidity by filtering particles of approx 0.2 microns
·         BPA Free and contains no chemicals
·         Uses no batteries or moving parts
·         All materials FDA approved
·         U.S. Patent No. 5,045,195
·         Made in U.S.A.
·         Filters at least 115 liters of water (30 gallons)
·         Weighs only 1.05 oz (42.5 grams )
·         Dimensions 8.25” by 0.5” (21 cm by 1.25 cm)
Directions For Use:
Place the N.R.G. Aqua Filter Drinking Straw in water and draw vigorously though the mouth piece as if drinking a thick milkshake.
To maximize the life of the filter, lightly blow through the mouthpiece after each use to eliminate excess water. Store the filter in the supplied tube.
Please discard when it is no longer possible to draw water through the filter.
Use chlorine tablets for additional safety in bacteria contaminated water. The filter will remove the chlorine taste.
Note : Any discoloration of the water at first use is due to granulated activated carbon that has been jarred loose during shipment and is not harmful.
 Suitable for : Camping, Hiking, Cycling, Active sport activities, and etc.

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