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(CF-3305-7) MF Energize Alkaline 02 Water Filter (M:3305)

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(CF-3305-7) MF Energize Alkaline 02 Water Filter (M:3305) Indoor Water Filter

Code: CF-3305-7
MF Energize 02 Alkaline Water Filter (6 stages)

MF Energize O2 Alkaline Water Filter consists of  7 stages filter. It uses the prinsip of natural mineral water from the earth to maintain the natural minerals in the water.     
**use 2 layer ceramic (with antibacteria functions-to prevent the growth of bacteria in the water)
MF Energize O2 Alkaline Water Filter uses the technology to provide nano water for better absorbtions of Alkaline water into body. It is formulated with natural high graded activated carbon and graded ceramic balls to transform the normal water to Energize O2 Alkaline water. Providing a best and natural Energize O2 Alkaline water which is required and can be easily absorbed by body. It adjust the pH level of body and helps removes toxins in body.
Ceramic Filter
-Trapped particles greater than 0.9 micron, effectively filter 99.9% harmful bacterial, dirt, asbestor, rusts, suspended solids and other pollutants.
Sediment Filter
-Effectively filter out smaller impurities to prevent obstruction to provide protection.
Softener Filter
-Helps in removes chemicals and trace of  heavy metals in the water.
Pre Activated Filter
-Functions as removal of unpleasant tastes, odor, agricultural waste, traces of detergents and other undesired elements.
Alkalinity Filter
-Get rids of substances toxic in body
-Provides effective permeated into body, dissolved molecules and drifted away the sickness from surface.
-The converter maintains PH balance of water to alkaline water, which is physically good for health.
Energize O2 Filter
-The converter maintains PH balance of water to alkaline water, which is physically good for health.
-Smaller water molecules for better absorption by body and to promote metabolism and detoxify waste in our body.
Post Activated Crabon
-Functions as second level in the removal of unpleasant taste, odor, agricultural waste, traces, of  detergents and other undesired elements.
-Provide final filtration to enhance water taste for pure, clean, and safe drinking water

  • Provides a tasty and safe drinking water 
  • rich in natural minerals with O2 Alkaline Energy functions
  • strengthen body bones and improves migraine problems
  • improve metabolism
  • adjust pH level of body
  • releases body heat
  • improves constipation problem
  • provides clean and safe drinking water.
  • Parts & accessories available (direct from Manufacturer)
  • Fast Shipping
Packages Includes
  • 1 x Multi Filter Energize O2 Akaline Water Filter
  • 1 x Ceramic Filter 
  • 1 x Hose 
  • 1 x Hose Connector 
  • 1 x Tap screw adapters 
  • 1 x DIY Installation Instruction 
Code: CF-3305-7
Product Measurement: (L) X  (W) X  (H) cm
Packing measurement: 23(L) x 42(W) x 44(H) cm                     
Product Weight: 8 kg
Package Weight: 10 kg


  • Removes toxin from your body
  • Improves body metabolism and immune system
  • Provides inspiration, helps to relief body heat
  • Moisturizes skin and helps to slow down aging process
  • Improves constipation problems
  • Promotes overall health and healing by restoring body PH balance.
  • Provides cleans and safe drinking water
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